The raw materials we use for our rugs are entirely natural (wool, cotton, leather and fur) and of very high quality. Most of the wool we use is brought from Australia and New Zeeland and it is processed in Germany according to CEE standards.

 We woven a wide range of rugs, from traditional rugs – suitable for rustic interiors, to the modern and contemporary ones, that follow the latest trends in today’s interior design.

We weave smooth two-sided carpets of thick wool thread - – art. Sibiu, Heltau, carpets with loops– art. Andra, thick plush carpets – art.  Silva, Rebel, Spaghetti, Paltinis.

StilCarpet Company was founded in 1992 out of the wish to render profitable the wool potential of the area, as well as the long tradition in weaving in general, especially in rugs woven in the Sibiului - Cisnadie area.

 The first attempts were made on traditional wodden weaving looms, hundereds of years old, in a village from Sibiu area. The wool was bought directly from the shepherds, washed in the rivers and painted with natural dye. The resulting carpets and rugs were entirely sold on the domestic market.

 The first contract with a foreign customer was signed in 1996, the second one in 1997, and both German partners have been loyal customers up to the present day. Today more that 80% of the carpets we produce are exported, mostly to European markets.


The rugs woven of leather or natural fur are a real success. They are not only in fashion, but they also match very well contemporary or minimalist style interiors. – art. Vito, Cheminee.

We also manufacture rugs of cotton and other textile rags– art. Rustic – in pleasant colourful patterns that remind of the carpets in grandma’s house, very suitable for holiday cottages, boarding houses and not only.

The usual sizes of our carpets are: 60x90 ; 70x140 ; 70x250, 90x160 ; 90x180; 120x180; 140x200; 170x240; 200x200; 200x300; 250x350; 300x400 (lxL, in cm). According to our customers’ wishes and needs, we can produce carpets of any size up to 400 cm in width, at any length you wish.

Walk with us in the new world of contemporary rugs. You will discover splendid carpets that follow the latest trend in interior design and will change the look of your house and enchant your eyes.